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Software Solutions Conference (SSC) 2015 Presentations

  • Presentations from the program of SSC 2015 (November 16-18, 2015, in Arlington, VA)
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • This collection was created for a conference series or symposium and does not necessarily reflect the positions and views of the Software Engineering Institute.
  • The three-day SSC 2015 technical program included tutorials, presentations, panel discussions, and keynote addresses by distinguished experts in government. The conference offered attendees the opportunity to learn about emerging technologies and technical strategies for assuring quality, timeliness, trust, and affordability in systems that rely on software.

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  • Agile Acquisition and FITARA November 2015 Author(s): John Weiler This presentation describes the FITARA Roadmap for Sustainable IT Reform, a decision analytics maturity model for measuring business value and risk of commercial IT.
  • Building Secure Software for Mission Critical Systems (2015) November 2015 Author(s): Mark Sherman This presentation explores the expanding landscape of vulnerabilities that accompanies an increasing reliance on software and examines key steps to help mitigate the increased risk.
  • Busting Silos & Red Tape: DevOps in Federal Government November 2015 Author(s): Aaron Volkmann In this presentation, the authors describe how they helped shift a government stakeholder's thinking through coaching and initiating DevOps in the organization's operational and development environments.
  • A Case Study: Experiences with Agile and Lean Principles November 2015 Author(s): Jeff Davenport This case study tells the story of the development of a critical IT system in the U.S. Federal Government and is written so that other government entities can benefit from the implementation experiences.
  • Common System and Software Testing Pitfalls November 2015 Author(s): Donald Firesmith This presentation discusses a taxonomy of 167 testing anti-patterns that the author analyzed and fully documented, describing each pitfall and providing recommendations for avoiding them and mitigating their harm.
  • Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) Interactive SharePoint Wiki November 2015 Author(s): James Smith, Andrew Boyd This presentation shows the creation of a single point of reference consisting of a curated set of DoD and local documents, templates, and checklists to aid the COR and promote information sharing and collaboration.
  • Dashing All the Way: Defining the Best Dashboard for Your Program November 2015 Author(s): Tom Merendino, Michael S. Bandor, Robert Ferguson This presentation shows a program dashboard representation used in some Air Force programs to aggregate the data being reported and includes methods that provide some insight into schedule risk.
  • A Defect Prioritization Method Based on the Risk Priority Number November 2015 Author(s): Will Hayes, Robert Ferguson, Julie B. Cohen This presentation presents a defect-prioritization method based on a risk priority number, which will help program offices establish priorities for updating systems.
  • Designing the Infrastructure for an Enterprise IT System November 2015 Author(s): William E. Novak, Patrick R. Place This presentation discusses five issues faced by government organizations embarking on the development of enterprise-wide IT systems that integrate and modernize legacy system functions.
  • Edge Analytics: Analysis of Social Media to Support Tactical Users November 2015 Author(s): William Anderson, Keegan M. Williams This presentation explores the architecture and implementation of Edge Analytics, discusses field trials, and presents findings from analyzing Twitter data related to the 2012 attack on the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi.
  • Elicitation of Unstated Needs November 2015 Author(s): Mary Beth Chrissis, Robert W. Stoddard, Michael D. Konrad This presentation covers the KJ method and additional extensions that allow KJ to be used in a virtual environment (KJ+). The results of a KJ+ case study and two brief exercises are included.
  • Engineering High-Assurance Software for Distributed Adaptive Real-Time Systems November 2015 Author(s): Mark H. Klein, Sagar Chaki, Dionisio de Niz This presentation describes an evidence-based approach for producing high-assurance DART software involving multiple layers of the CPS stack.
  • Experiences in Migrations of Legacy Systems November 2015 Author(s): William G. Wood, Michael J. Gagliardi, Philip Bianco This presentation describes a rational way for modernizing a legacy system using system architectural concepts to develop architectural options, create a scorecard, apply the scorecard, and present the results with recommendations to decision makers.
  • From Virtual System Integration to Incremental Lifecycle Assurance November 2015 Author(s): Peter H. Feiler This presentation discusses problems associated with the increasing complexity of software systems that are threatening industry's ability to build the next generation of safety-critical embedded systems.
  • Government As the Integrator: Why, Why Not, and How? November 2015 Author(s): William E. Novak, James Smith This presentation identifies many of the factors that determine whether government as the integrator (GATI) is more likely to be successful in certain domains and circumstances.
  • Implementing Product Development Flow: The Key to Managing Large Scale Agile Development November 2015 Author(s): Will Hayes In this presentation, you will learn about the sound principles and engineering-minded tradeoffs that occur when agile methods are applied successfully.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: Why You Should Care and How to Manage Them November 2015 Author(s): Julie B. Cohen, Eileen Wrubel This presentation discusses strategies and language for addressing IP rights throughout the acquisition lifecycle.
  • The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) and the Interagency Fuels Treatment Decision Support System (IFTDSS) November 2015 Author(s): Steve Palmquist, John H. Cissel (Joint Fire Science Program) This presentation describes how the interagency Joint Fire Science Program developed and assessed the Interagency Fuel Treatment Decision Support System to meet the needs of the wildland fire community for fuel-treatment planning.
  • Keynote: A Case Study of Toyota Unintended Acceleration and Software Safety November 2015 Author(s): Philip Koopman (Carnegie Mellon University) This talk will outline key events in the still-ongoing Toyota unintended acceleration story and pull together the technical issues that have been discovered by NASA and other experts.
  • Keynote: Gaps in Science and Technology Activities for the IT Acquisition of Business Systems November 2015 Author(s): Arun Seraphin In this presentation, Mr. Seraphin summarizes congressional concerns about gaps in science and technology activities related to the IT acquisition of business systems.
  • Keynote: SEI Research Program November 2015 Author(s): Kevin Fall This presentation summarizes the SEI's research program, including topics in software development, vulnerability discovery, digital forensics, malware analysis, embedded systems, formal methods, cyber training, and risk management.
  • Keynote: Speed with Discipline November 2015 Author(s): Tim Rudolph This presentation describes an approach for achieving software security assurance while keeping the desired pace of releasing new capabilities.
  • Managing Software and System Complexity November 2015 Author(s): Sarah Sheard This presentation discusses the research the SEI is doing to determine what characteristics of avionics systems can be measured to help evaluate whether a system is capable of being certified as safe.
  • Measurement and Analysis in the Real World: Tools for Cleaning Messy Data November 2015 Author(s): Software Engineering Institute This presentation includes a brief demonstration of tools created by SEI staff that help scan, analyze, and prepare data to be used on a weekly metrics report.
  • Moving to the IC Cloud November 2015 Author(s): Eric Werner This presentation explores up-and-coming cloud technologies used by members of the intelligence community along with some of the challenges and opportunities they present.
  • Open Systems Architecture: Progress and Challenges November 2015 Author(s): Forrest Shull, Harry L. Levinson, Thomas DuBois (The Boeing Company), Michael S. Bandor, Douglas Schmidt (Vanderbilt University), Michael McLendon Panel members discussed OSA from several perspectives, including technical engineering, policy, contracting, and science and technology research.
  • Paying Due Diligence to Software Architecture in Acquisition November 2015 Author(s): Michael J. Gagliardi, Timothy Morrow This presentation describes approaches that the SEI has used with program offices to adopt software architecture and quality attribute practices in acquisition contexts.
  • Performance Metrics That Matter: Eliminating Surprises in Agile Projects November 2015 Author(s): Girish Seshagiri This presentation focuses on how the government can experience true agility with quality. It describes the challenges the author's organization faced using agile and how they were successfully overcome.
  • Providing Information Superiority to Small Tactical Units November 2015 Author(s): Jeff Boleng This presentation discusses the Information Security to the Edge (ISE) system built by the Advanced Mobile Systems Initiative at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute.
  • Scaling Agile Methods for Major Defense Programs: Frameworks and Methods in Use Today November 2015 Author(s): Will Hayes, Mary Ann Lapham This presentation addresses what is meant by scaling, contextual drivers for implementation choices, and the agile frameworks available for use today.
  • SoS Architectures - Identifying Architecture, Engineering and Capability Challenges Early in the Lifecycle November 2015 Author(s): Michael J. Gagliardi, Timothy Morrow, William G. Wood The SEI has applied its Mission Thread Workshop (MTW) approach on a variety of system of systems (SoS) architectures in DoD organizations. This talk presents the MTW in the context of a DoD mission-critical SoS example.
  • A Systematic Method for Big Data Technology Selection November 2015 Author(s): John Klein This talk discusses why prototyping is necessary for evaluating big data technology and how the LEAP4BD method provides a systematic framework for technology evaluation.
  • Tactical Cloudlets: Moving Cloud Computing to the Tactical Edge November 2015 Author(s): Grace Lewis, James Root, Dan J. Klinedinst, Keegan M. Williams, Ben W. Bradshaw, Sebastián Echeverría (Universidad de los Andes) This presentation explains the tactical cloudlet concept and describes an implementation targeted at promoting the survivability of mobile systems.
  • Technical Debt: Why Should You Care? November 2015 Author(s): Ipek Ozkaya, Robert Nord This presentation explores common fallacies about technical debt and includes possible actions that development teams can take to better manage it.
  • What Happens and How: Analyzing the Results of 13 Acquisition Program Assessments November 2015 Author(s): William E. Novak, Forrest Shull This presentation explains a set of recurring dynamics that drive the key high-level findings of independent technical assessments and provides qualitative models of each adverse behavior.