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System Requirements for Flow Processing

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     With the ever growing array of threats to computer systems, security applications have evolved from simple firewalls to extremely complex entities with very sophisticated requirements. These requirements need to address functionality, performance, and scalability. Functionality spans firewalls, VPNs (IPSec and SSL), IDS/IPS, AV/AS, and server off-load functions, among other things. Performance includes both the ability to pass packets through the system at multi-gigabit rates, as well as being able to do deep packet inspection/processing at high speeds. Scalability must address both of these aspects of performance - i.e. packet throughput and processing power. It is also important to consider system management, maintainability, ease of use, and reliability. In this paper, we examine these aspects of the system, and propose an architecture that not only meets these requirements, but will also be flexible enough to support future application needs.

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