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FloCon 2013 Collection

  • These presentations, training slides, and posters were provided at FloCon 2013, an open conference that provides operational network analysts, tool developers, and researchers a forum to discuss the analysis of large volumes of traffic to showcase the next generation of flow-based analysis techniques.

    At FloCon 2013, organizers and participants focused on the challenges of "Analysis at Scale." In large network environments, flow data helps to provide a scalable way of seeing the big picture, as well as a streamlined platform for highlighting patterns of malicious behavior over time. More and more commercial tools and platforms are available for collecting and storing not only flow data, but large volumes of other data such as DNS information, packet capture, security logs, and incident reports. At FloCon 2013, participants discussed how to refine "big data" into knowledge, design methods for aggregated analyses at the network edge, and build systems for monitoring thousands or millions of assets at once.