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Design Thinking Is for You

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    User Experience and Design is not an isolated function or a step in the software development process anymore. It has evolved from a specialty to a way of working that puts users at the center and permeates most development activities throughout the release cycle.

    There is a clear shift away from design just as a product (i.e., specific deliverables and artifacts such as high-fidelity mockups to throw over the wall to developers) that continues to gain momentum as the activity of design that focuses on understanding and solving a specific problem for a specific set of users.

    Jeff Patton, one of the fathers of modern User Experience and bringing UX into Agile, will share his insights from the perspective of a developer who has moved into design. On the other hand, Jonathan Berger, an agile design practitioner and speaker, will tell us about his experience as a designer who has ventured in the world of coding and software development.

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