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Introduction to Software Product Lines

  • November 2014
  • By Patrick Donohoe
  • This TSP Symposium 2014 presentation introduces software product line development, essential activities and underlying practices, and costs and benefits of adoption.
  • Publisher: TSP Symposium
  • This presentation was created for a conference series or symposium and does not necessarily reflect the positions and views of the Software Engineering Institute.
  • Abstract

    This TSP Symposium 2014 presentation explains that a software product line is a set of software-intensive systems sharing a common, managed set of features that satisfy the specific needs of a particular market segment or mission and that are developed from a common set of core assets in a prescribed way. Organizations developing a portfolio of products as a software product line are experiencing order-of-magnitude improvements in cost, time to market, staff productivity, and quality of the deployed products.

    This presentation will introduce the essential activities and underlying practice areas of software product line development. It will review the basic concepts of software product lines, discuss the costs and benefits of product line adoption, introduce the SEI Framework for Software Product Line Practice(SM) guidelines, and describe approaches to applying the practices of the framework.

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