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TSP Symposium 2014 Proceedings and Presentations

November 2014 Presentation

Proceedings and Presentations of the Ninth Annual TSP Symposium, Pittsburgh, PA, November 3-6, 2014


TSP Symposium


Proceedings and Presentations of the Ninth Annual TSP Symposium, Pittsburgh, PA, November 3-6, 2014.

Sessions and presentations included:

  • Advanced Modeling of Teaming Data to Enable Superior Team Performance, Robert W. Stoddard, Dan Bennett, David Webb, Rushby Craig, and Lance Moore
  • An Extension of the PSP PROBE Process to Help Students Make More Reliable Estimates in Early Stages of PSP Training, Yoshihiro Akiyama
  • An Incremental Life-Cycle Assurance Strategy for Critical System Certification, Peter H. Feiler
  • Architecture Best Practices for Project and Technical Leaders, Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale, and Timothy Morrow
  • A Vendor Development Program: Smart Clients Are a Success Factor, Francisco Aleman
  • A Zero-Depth Entry to Using TSP: How TSP Turned Around the Smart Grid Maturity Model Project, Julia L. Mullaney and Summer C. Fowler
  • Case Study of Toyota Unintended Acceleration and Software Safety, Philip Koopman
  • Common System and Software Testing Pitfalls, Donald Firesmith
  • Evolving Postmortems as Teams Evolve Through TxP, Brad Hodgins
  • Graphical Recordings of the TSP Symposium
  • Information Flow: The Secret to Successful Teamwork, Jesse Schell
  • Insider Threats in the Software Development Life Cycle, Daniel L. Costa and Randall F. Trzeciak
  • Introduction to Software Product Lines, Patrick Donohoe
  • Scrum: Creating Great Products and Critical Systems – What to Worry About, What’s Missing, and How to Fix It, Neil Potter
  • SEMPR: The TSP Software Engineering Measured Performance Repository, William Nichols and Yasutaka Shirai
  • Software Architecture Decision-Making Techniques, Elizabeth Correa
  • Taking the Team Meeting to the Next Level, David Saint-Amand
  • Tales from the Quality Journey, Darryl Davis
  • The ACE (Accurate Confident Estimating) Process, Carl Wyrwa
  • The Executive View: Beyond the Methodology, David VanEpps
  • The Impact of the PSP on Software Quality: Eliminating the Learning Effect Threat Through a Controlled Experiment, Fernanda Grazioli, Diego Vallespir, Silvana Moreno, and Leticia Perez-Queiruga
  • TSP History and Evolution at Cadence Design Systems, Elias Fallon
  • TSP in Non-implementation Phases: An Experience in How Disciplined Measurement Has Helped Overcome Obstacles in Deploying TSP in Mexican Organizations, Blanca Gil
  • TSP-PACE: Process and Capability Evaluation, an Experience Report, Antonio Mejorado, Rafael Salazar, and William Nichols
  • Under N: Acceptance to Delivery in N Hours, Umashankar Velusamy
  • Using PSP/TSP in a Performance Review, Larry Whitford and Nicole Flohr
  • Wild, Wild West—How to Corral All Your Developers into Creating Secure Code, Jonathan Beck