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News at SEI September 1999

  • September 1999
  • News at SEI September 1999
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Abstract


    • About the SEI
    • From the Director
    • From the Editor


    • Product Line Practice: An Effort Worth Making
    • A Framework for Software Product Line Practice
    • Software Product Lines: A New Paradigm for the New Century
    • Product Lines in Practice at Three Major Corporations
    • A Scenario for Using theProduct Line Practice Framework
    • Links to Product Line Resources and References to Product Line Related Readings


    • The Perils and Joys of Reconstructing Architectures Rick Kazman
    • The Business Edge Eight Key Factors for Successful Technology Collaboration
    • Who's in Charge Here?
    • The Net Effects of Product Lines
    • From Y2K to Security Improvement: A Critical Transition
    • Getting Management Support for Process Improvement
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