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Eliciting Unstated Requirements

  • Abstract

    This tutorial was presented at the 22nd IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference in Karlskrona, Sweden, on August 26, 2014.

    The Elicitation of Unstated Requirements at Scale (EURS) research team at the Software Engineering Institute is developing and validating a method for determining the unstated needs of the varied stakeholders typical of today's large, diverse programs. This method, called "KJ+", will be scalable to address the needs of multiple categories of stakeholders; be usable by a diverse, non-collocated team of requirements analysts; and result in a more complete set of requirements as the basis for subsequent system design, implementation, and continued sustainment. This tutorial presents the traditional KJ method for eliciting unstated user needs, as well as the extensions made to allow KJ to be used in a virtual environment.

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