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TSP Symposium 2007 Presentations

September 2007 Presentation

Presentations given at the Second Annual TSP Symposium on September 22-25, 2007


TSP Symposium


Sessions and presentations included:

  • A Quantitative Method for Preventing Defect Injection in PSP/TSP, Yoshihiro Akiyama
  • Architecting High Quality Software: The Role of Software Architecture in System Development and Evolution, Linda M. Northrop
  • Automated Unit Testing and the TSP, Noopur Davis and Larry Maccherone
  • Custom Fitting TSP To A Maintenance Project: Patience and Perseverance Pay Off, John Stark and Pam Skotak
  • Developing a Software Industry with TSP and PSP, Carlos Montes de Oca
  • Game On! An Industry's Journey, Karthik Bala and Guha Bala
  • Importance of Component Postmortem, David Y Ratnaraj
  • Issues of Organizational Structure and Leadership Associated with Process Deployment, Robert Musson
  • Making TSP Work at CMMI Level 5, David Webb, Jim Van Buren, and Gene Miluk
  • PSP Training for Everyone, Dan Wall
  • Taking Ownership and Adapting TSP Successfully Over Time, Intuit Engineering Team
  • The Teacher, the Bathtub, and the Bureaucrat, Alan Willett, Eileen Fagan
  • TSP Implementation Veteran, Lana Cagle
  • TSP Works... Let's Roll It Out!, Eileen Fagan and Rajan Seriampalayam
  • Using Benford's Law to Monitor Process Fidelity, Ricardo Garza
  • Using Team Process Integration (TPI) with Non-Software Teams (An Integrated Product Team's Experience), Dwayne Heinsma