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Guidance Models and Decision-Making Tooling for SOA, Cloud, and Outsourcing Solution Design

May 2011 Presentation
Olaf Zimmermann

This presentation from SATURN 2011 discusses various SOA design decisions.


Software Engineering Institute


This presentation provides an overview of completed and ongoing architectural knowledge management activities in an industrial setting. After a brief review of the concepts for architectural decision modeling with reuse as presented at SATURN 2010, we conduct an in-depth investigation of ten particularly relevant and recurring SOA design decisions, and outlines several decisions that must be made when a cloud-computing solution is designed. Furthermore, the presentation covers how we extended existing decision modeling concepts to target the designers of outsourcing solutions and introduces tooling options for working with the presented guidance models and for decision making. Finally, we outline directions for future work.

This presentation was given at SATURN 2011 in Burlingame, CA.