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Don't Leave Your Architecture Behind...Kanban-Enabled Model-Driven Software Development

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    Managing software-development-intensive projects is often a daunting task, and even with software reuse there is a high level of risk involved. To be sustainable, software products need a documented architecture, test cases written up front and updated as the project evolves, software that is written in adherence to the architecture, and software and systems tests that pass repeatedly before product release. Agile teams are forming throughout industry, as well as around Northrop Grumman, and one of the biggest challenges most Agile teams have is in managing the workload. Scrum is good, but projects often find that they are either leaving their architecture behind in order to jump into the software development feet first, or they have no idea how much they have left to do and often fail their sprints.

    This presentation will cover how our projects have successfully employed Kanban to manage Agile architecture and software development. 

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