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Software Architecture Competence Development and Collaboration

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    Eight years ago, Raytheon established its worldwide architect certification program with a focus on standards-based systems and enterprise architecture training. This year a new training program was developed for software architecture, leveraging both SEI and Raytheon-developed software architecture courses. But architecture-competence growth cannot focus exclusively on training,our organization's goal is to establish a global community of architect practitioners to share best practices, lessons learned, patterns, strategies, styles, and heuristics. Common training sets a foundation to facilitate collaboration, but other mechanisms such as social networking, repositories, symposia, and webcasts are also needed to cultivate this community of practice.

    This presentation will examine the dynamics of collaboration by architects and how we have focused on enhancing these skills as part of our training program. We will discuss our collaborative training approach, feedback that we have received from our students, and relevant lessons learned.

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