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Exploring Enterprise, System of Systems, and System and Software Architectures

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    As systems grow in complexity in today's software-intensive world, architecture's role becomes crucial at enterprise, system, and software levels. The theme of the SATURN 2009 conference is "architecture at all scales" exploring the boundary between software, systems, and enterprise architectures. The theme highlights the growing importance of architecture in driving organizations to success by acknowledging the best architecture-centric practices that architecture practitioners use to build predictable, high-quality systems.

    In this webinar, we will present our findings from a U.S. Army workshop on architecture that was held at the SEI in September of 2008, under the auspices of the Army Strategic Software Improvement Program (ASSIP). We invited accomplished practitioners from government, academia, and industry to discuss the various "genres" of architecture: enterprise architecture, system-of-systems architecture, system architecture, and software architecture. The goal of the workshop was to clarify the relationships among the different genres, explore and identify areas of commonality and difference, and to discuss the role of the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) in helping to capture these architectures.

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