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SEPG Conference Series Overview

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    Caroline Graettinger, Chair of the SEPG Conference Series,  answered common questions about this global conference series on software and systems process management hosted by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute. Now in its 21st year, the SEPG Conference Series has annual events in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Considered by attendees to be an exceptional resource to learn, network, and improve in process management and performance improvement in the areas of not only software and systems engineering but also acquisition, maintenance, security, and services, the SEPG conferences attract attendees from around the world. Caroline will answer questions she often receives about how the program is developed, how presenters can increase their chances of having their abstracts accepted, the various opportunities to participate in SEPG, new networking opportunities planned for 2009, and other common questions.  

    These slides were presented in a 2008 webinar, however, the webinar video not available.

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