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A Perspective on the State of Research in Fault-Tolerant Systems

  • July 1997
  • By Charles B. Weinstock, David P. Gluch
  • This 1997 report presents a perspective on research in fault tolerance as it relates to dependability in software-based systems and attempts to describe the current state of, and outline future directions for, this broad research field.
  • Performance and Dependability
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
    CMU/SEI Report Number: CMU/SEI-97-SR-008
  • Abstract

    As computers take on a greater role in society, their dependability is becoming increasingly important. Given software's critical role in computing systems, reliable software has emerged as crucial to achieving a dependable infrastructure. Using a system perspective that recognizes the prominence of software, we characterize the current state of fault-tolerance research as it contributes to the dependability of computer systems and we conjecture on future directions for this research area.

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