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Special Report

Domain Analysis Workshop Report for the Automated Prompt and Response System Domain

  • May 1996
  • By Robert W. Krut, Jr., Nathan Zalman
  • This report includes descriptions of the domain analysis methodology used and the products developed at the 1996 BNR/NT workshop.
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
    CMU/SEI Report Number: CMU/SEI-96-SR-001
  • Abstract

    This report captures the results of the domain analysis tutorial and workshop at Research Triangle Park for Bell Northern Research/Northern Telecom (BNR/NT). Included in this report are brief descriptions of the components of the domain analysis methodology employed and the products developed during the workshop. The information captured within this report will serve as a supplement to the Feature-Oriented Domain Analysis (FODA) tutorial and workshop for the ultimate pilot study domain. The importance of this report is that it provides the future workshop participants with an understanding of the types of products created at a workshop and gives examples of FODA products in a domain familiar to the participants.

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