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A Software Process Framework for the SEI Capability Maturity Model Repeatable Level

  • Abstract

    This document describes a Software Process Framework (SPF) based on the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for the Repeatable Level (Level 2). The purpose of the SPF is to provide guidance for designing, analyzing, and reviewing software processes (consisting of standards, processes, procedures, training, and tools) so that they are consistent with the CMM. As a thesaurus is a companion book to a dictionary (both are useful for different purposes) the SPF is a companion guide to the CMM for defining software processes. For each key process area in the CMM, the SPF defines roles, entry and exit criteria, inputs and outputs, activities, reviews and audits, measurements, etc. This information can also be used to help build process models and process guides that are consistent with the CMM. The primary audiences of the SPF are software engineering process groups (SEPGs), process engineers, process action teams, and software quality assurance groups. Secondary audiences include anyone interested in software process improvement, or anyone using the CMM.

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