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Special Report

The Domain-Specific Software Architecture Program

  • June 1992
  • By Mark H. Graham, Erik Mettala
  • This document contains an overview of the work being done in the DARPA Domain Specific Software Architecture Program (DSSA) as of July 1992.
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
    CMU/SEI Report Number: CMU/SEI-92-SR-009
  • Abstract

    There are six independent projects within the DSSA program. Four of these projects are working in specific, military-significant domains. Those domains are Avionics Navigation, Guidance and Flight Director for Helicopters; Command and Control; Distributed Intelligent Control and Management for Vehicle Management; Intelligent Guidance, Navigation and Control for Missiles. In addition, there are two projects working on underlying support technology. Hybrid (discrete and continuous, non-linear) Control and Prototyping Technology. 

    This report contains brief descriptions from each project and an overview.

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