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Preliminary Report on Conducting SEI-Assisted Assessments of Software Engineering

July 1987 Technical Report
Watts S. Humphrey, David Kitson

This 1987 report provides guidance on creating the proper environment for a meaningful assessment and prescribes effective use of the assessment instrument.


Software Engineering Institute

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Characterizing the state of software engineering practice within an organization is a necessary prerequisite to orderly, meaningful, and sustainable improvement of the organizations ability to produce or support cost-effective, high quality software products. The Software Engineering Institute is developing a methodology for conducting SEI-assisted assessments of software engineering capability. The assessment methodology has five phases: 1. selecting the candidate organization, 2. preparing for the assessment, 3. conducting the assessment, 4. communicating final assessment findings and action recommendations, and 5. post-assessment follow-up activities. This report describes the methodology in detail.