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Poster | October 2016 - Poster Verifying Distributed Adaptive Real (DART) Systems By Sagar Chaki

DART Vision

Poster | October 2016 - Poster Workplace Violence and IT Sabotage By Michael C. Theis

Determine if indicators for Insider Workplace Violence and Insider Cyber Sabotage can be identified

Poster | October 2016 - Poster Prioritizing Alerts from Static Analysis with Classification ... By Lori Flynn

This poster describes CERT Division research on an automated and accurate statistical classifier.

Poster | October 2016 - Poster Statistical Model Checking for Swarms By Jeffrey Hansen

Input Attribution

Poster | October 2016 - Poster Research to Operations By Peter H. Feiler

Virtual System Integration

Poster | October 2016 - Poster Semiconductor Foundry Verification By Alexander Volynkin

Detecting Counterfeit Electronics

Poster | October 2016 - Poster Data Validation for Large-Scale Analytics By Stephanie Rosenthal

Building Tools to Support Data Sampling and Visualization

Poster | October 2016 - Poster Auto-Active Verification of Software with Timers and Clocks By Sagar Chaki

Formally verify STACs at the source code level using deductive (aka auto-active) verification

Poster | October 2016 - Poster Software Engineering for Additive Manufacturing By Stephanie Rosenthal

3D Printing

Poster | October 2016 - Poster Property Directed Test-case Generation By Jeff Gennari

Property Directed Test-case Generation