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Podcast | March 2010 - Podcast Train for the Unexpected By Matthew Meyer (M&I Corporation), Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Matthew Meyer explains that being able to respond effectively when faced with a disruptive event requires becoming more resilient.

Podcast | February 2009 - Podcast Better Incident Response Through Scenario Based Training By Christopher May, Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Christopher May explains how teams are better prepared to respond to incidents if realistic, hands-on training is part of their normal routine.

Podcast | November 2008 - Podcast Using High Fidelity, Online Training to Stay Sharp By Jim Wrubel, Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Jim Wrubel explains how virtual training environments can deliver high quality content to security professionals on-demand, anywhere, anytime.

Webinar | July 2016 - Webinar Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure By Dan J. Klinedinst

Learn how to develop a vulnerability coordination capability, which helps you respond to vulnerabilities and demonstrates that you are serious about fixing them.

Webinar | April 2016 - Webinar Structuring the Chief Information Security Officer Organization By Julia H. Allen, Nader Mehravari

This webinar described a CISO organizational structure and functions for a typical large, diverse organization using input from CISOs, policies, frameworks, maturity models, standards, and codes of practice.

Webinar | March 2016 - Webinar Using Network Flow to Gain Cyber Situational Awareness By Sid Faber

During this webinar we discussed the foundations of cyber situational awareness and how to apply situational awareness concepts to the cyber domain.

Podcast | February 2012 - Podcast Cisco's Adoption of CERT Secure Coding Standards By Martin Sebor (Cisco), Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Martin Sebor explains how implementing secure coding standards is a sound business decision.

Podcast | January 2012 - Podcast How to Become a Cyber Warrior By Dennis M. Allen, Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Dennis Allen explains that protecting the internet and its users against cyber attacks requires more skilled cyber warriors.

Podcast | March 2009 - Podcast Mainstreaming Secure Coding Practices By Robert C. Seacord, Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Robert Seacord explains how requiring secure coding practices when building or buying software can dramatically reduce vulnerabilities.

Podcast | September 2008 - Podcast Developing Secure Software: Universities as Supply Chain ... By Mary Ann Davidson (Oracle), Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Mary Ann Davidson explains how integrating security into university curricula is a key solution to developing more secure software.