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Brochure | July 2016 - Brochure FloCon 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

This open conference provides a forum for large-scale network defense analytics.

Presentation | January 2016 - Presentation Network Security Analytics, HPC Platforms, Hadoop, and ... By Aaron Bossert (Cray - Inc.)

This presentation describes the techniques and approach that Cray, Inc. uses to discover malicious activity.

Presentation | January 2016 - Presentation Capturing and Processing One Million Network Flows Per ... By Robert Techentin (Mayo Clinic), David R. Holmes (Mayo Clinic), James C. Nelms (Mayo Clinic), Barry K. Gilbert (Mayo Clinic)

This presentation describes flow data collection at the Mayo Clinic.

Presentation | January 2016 - Presentation The Security Wolf of Wall Street: Fighting Crime with High ... By Jeremiah O'Connor (OpenDNS), Thibault Reuille (OpenDNS)

This presentation focuses on how to build a scalable machine learning infrastructure in real-time.

Presentation | January 2016 - Presentation Minimizing the Gaps with Bro, GRR, and Elk (Brogrrelk) By David Zito (Northrop Grumman Information Systems)

The presentation describes a solution that allows incident responders to conduct multiple data collection tasks from one platform.

Presentation | January 2016 - Presentation Classifying Encrypted Traffic with TLS-Aware Telemetry By Blake Anderson (Cisco Systems - Inc.), David McGrew (Cisco Systems - Inc.), Alison Kendler (Cisco Systems - Inc.)

In this presentation, the authors propose augmenting the typical 5-tuple with TLS-aware telemetry elements.

Presentation | January 2016 - Presentation Netflow Analysis - Intrusion Detection, Protection, and Usage ... By Jonzy Jones (University of Utah)

This presentation covers detecting problematic traffic via NetFlow and the use of traffic alerts and daily reports.

Presentation | January 2016 - Presentation Network Traffic Analysis - SiLK By Paul Krystosek, Matthew Heckathorn

This presentation, given at FloCon 2016, introduces you to network flow analysis using the CERT open source SiLK tool suite.

Presentation | January 2016 - Presentation Making the Most of a Lot [of Data]: Netflow in US-CERT ... By Chad Hein (Phia - LLC)

In this FloCon 2016 presentation, the author reviews uses of netflow in US-CERT's daily monitoring, analysis, and incident response operations.

Presentation | January 2016 - Presentation Monitoring and Classification of Active IPv6 Addresses By David Plonka (Akamai)

In this presentation, the author introduces IP address classification methods and how IPv6 addresses are more than just larger IP addresses.