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Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation Navigating the Pitfalls and Promises of Network Security ... By Dr. Scott Miserendino (BluVector), Michael Gora (BluVector)

In this presentation, the authors discuss Network Security Monitoring (NSM).

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation Flow-Based Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Security using ...

In this presentation, Luca Deri discuss flow-based monitoring, troubleshooting, and security using nProbe.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation SilkWeb – Analyze Silk Data Through API and Javascript ... By Vijay S. Sarvepalli, Dwight S. Beaver

In this presentation, the authors describe SilkWeb and how to analyze silk data through API and Javascript frameworks.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation Finding the Needle in the Haystack By Jonzy Jones (University of Utah)

In this presentation, given at FloCon 2017, Jonzy Jones discusses NetFlows and methods to discover illegitimate traffic.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation I Want Your Flows To Be Lies By Adam Wick (Galois - Inc.)

In this presentation, Adam Wick discusses Netflow and problems that could occur on a network.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation Using Flow for Realtime Traffic Management in 100G ... By John Gerth (Stanford University), Johan van Reijendam (Stanford University)

In this presentation, the authors discuss using flow for realtime traffic and the challenges that can occur.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation Detecting Threats, Not Sandboxes By Blake Anderson (Cisco Systems - Inc.), David McGrew (Cisco Systems - Inc.)

In this presentation, the authors discuss detecting threats and characterizing network environment to improve Malware Classification.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation DDoS Defense for a Community of Peers By Jem Berkes (Galois), Adam Wick (Galois - Inc.)

In this presentation the authors discuss DDoS Defense.

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation Backbone Network DRDoS Attack Monitoring and Analysis By Yang Xu, Qitian Su

FloCon Presentation

Presentation | May 2017 - Presentation An API to Filter Network Flows in the Web to Use as Plugin in ... By Julio de la Cruz (University of Puerto Rico), Ian Dávila (University of Puerto Rico), Dr. José Ortiz Ubarri (University of Puerto Rico)

In this presentation, the authors describe how to create an API that allow system administratiors to manage network flows of data in the web.