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Book | January 2017 - Book Cyber-Physical Systems By Ragunathan (Raj) Rajkumar, Dionisio de Niz, Mark H. Klein

This book addresses Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) challenges and innovations, it describes the foundations that underlie CPS, and offers guiding principles for all levels.

White Paper | December 2016 - White Paper Cyber-Physical Systems By Björn Anderson, Sagar Chaki, Dionisio de Niz, Jeffrey Hansen, Scott Hissam, John J. Hudak, Mark H. Klein, David Kyle, Gabriel Moreno

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) integrate computational algorithms and physical components. SEI promotes efficient development of high-confidence, distributed CPS.

Presentation | March 2017 - Presentation Temporal Partitioning and Verification in Distributed Cyber ... By Dionisio de Niz, Bjorn Andersson

This presentation describes innovations in the temporal protection of components that perform computations throughout multiple processors and have end-to-end timing requirements.

Technical Report | December 2015 - Technical Report Extending AADL for Security Design Assurance of Cyber ... By Robert J. Ellison, Allen D. Householder, John J. Hudak, Rick Kazman, Carol Woody

This report demonstrates the viability and limitations of using the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) through an extended example that allows for specifying and analyzing the security properties of an automotive electronics system.

Brochure | January 2017 - Brochure Software Solutions Symposium 2017 - Informational Brochure

The Software Solutions Symposium is a forum for learning about emerging technologies and practical solutions that you can apply today for help with systemic software issues such as assurance, cost, and schedule. March 20-23, 2017. Arlington, VA

Brochure | March 2014 - Brochure Cyber-Physical and Ultra-Large Scale Systems

This information sheet describes the work being done to address the challenges of increased connectedness and autonomy of real-time embedded systems.

Poster | January 2014 - Poster Designing SCADA Systems for the Self-Verifiability of Their ... By Joseph Giampapa

This poster describes a cyber-physical and agent-based approach to detecting and recovering from a false data injection attack on a power grid supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

Technical Report | June 2016 - Technical Report DMPL: Programming and Verifying Distributed Mixed ... By Sagar Chaki, David Kyle

DMPL is a language for programming distributed real-time, mixed-criticality software. It supports distributed systems in which each node executes a set of periodic real-time threads that are scheduled by priority and criticality.

Brochure | October 2013 - Brochure Advanced Mobile Systems Initiative

Describes Mobile Computing--the use of computing technology on the go

Presentation | October 2011 - Presentation Time-Bounded Analysis of Real-Time Systems By Sagar Chaki, Arie Gurfinkel, Soonho Kong, Ofer Strichman

This presentation considers the problem of verifying functional correctness of periodic Real-Time Embedded Software (RTES), a popular variant of RTES that execute periodic tasks in an order determined by Rate Monotonic Scheduling (RMS).