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Presentation | July 2004 - Presentation Data Sharing: Lessons Learned by the CERT/CC and the ... By Roman Danyliw

In this presentation, Roman Danyliw provides an overview of data sharing, and discusses related concerns and observations.

White Paper | April 2014 - White Paper ALTernatives to Signatures (ALTS) By George Jones, John Stogoski

This paper presents the results of a study of non-signature-based approaches to detecting malicious activity in computer network traffic.

Article | November 2016 - Article Giant Slayer: Will You Let Software be David to Your Goliath ... By Stephen Blanchette - Jr.

The article discusses what can (and should) be done to improve the state of software engineering on large scale aerospace programs.

White Paper | July 2015 - White Paper CND Equities Strategy By Jonathan Spring, Ed Stoner

In this paper, the authors discuss strategies for successful computer network defense (CND) based on considering the adversaries' responses.

Conference Paper | May 2015 - Conference Paper Global Adversarial Capability Modeling By Jonathan Spring, Sarah Kern, Alec Summers

Jonathan Spring, Sarah Kern, and Alec Summers propose a model of global capability advancement, the adversarial capability chain (ACC).

Special Report | November 2015 - Special Report Cyber + Culture Early Warning Study By Char Sample

This study was designed to profile cyber actors, and to examine the time interval between cyber and kinetic events in order to gain greater insights into nation-state cyber responses to kinetic events.

Webinar | August 2013 - Webinar Observations of Successful Cyber Security Operations By Roman Danyliw

In this 2013 webinar, Roman Danyliw discusses how cyber security organizations react to new technologies or adversaries.

Webinar | August 2013 - Webinar 20+ Years of Cyber (in)Security By Richard D. Pethia

In this webinar, Rich Pethia discusses how cybersecurity has changed over the past 20 years.

Webinar | August 2013 - Webinar The Cyber Security R&D Pipeline ‹ Building Capability ... By Greg Shannon

In this 2013 webinar, Dr. Greg Shannon describes advances in software engineering to build systems with predictable and improved quality, cost, and schedule.