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Video | August 2017 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Secure Coding Standards By Robert Schiela

Watch Bob Schiela as he decribes how SEI Secure Coding Standards have codified best practices for properly using features of specific languages to avoid security flaws in your software, thus reducing vulnerabilities.

Brochure | August 2017 - Brochure SCALe: Evaluating Source Code for Adherence to Secure ...

SCALe help analysts be more efficient and effective at auditing source code for security flaws.

Brochure | August 2017 - Brochure Summer 2017 Edition of the Secure Coding Newsletter

The CERT Secure Coding Team announces several open positions on its team in secure coding and software assurance.

Brochure | March 2017 - Brochure Spring 2017 Edition of the Secure Coding Newsletter

The team announces the release of the new C++ Coding Standard.

Presentation | March 2017 - Presentation Building Secure Software for Mission Critical Systems By Mark Sherman

This presentation explores the expanding landscape of vulnerabilities that accompanies the increasing reliance on software and then examines some key steps to help mitigate the increased risk.

Technical Report | July 2017 - Technical Report DidFail: Coverage and Precision Enhancement By Karan Dwivedi (No Affiliation), Hongli Yin (No Affiliation), Pranav Bagree (No Affiliation), Xiaoxiao Tang (No Affiliation), Lori Flynn, William Klieber, William Snavely

This report describes recent enhancements to Droid Intent Data Flow Analysis for Information Leakage (DidFail), the CERT static taint analyzer for sets of Android apps.