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John Klein
May 2015 - Technical Report State of Practice Report: Essential Technical and Nontechnical Issues Related to Designing SoS Platform Architectures

Topics: System of Systems, Software Architecture

Authors: Sholom G. Cohen, John Klein

This report analyzes the state of the practice in system-of-systems (SoS) development, based on 12 interviews of leading SoS developers in the DoD and industry.

March 2015 - Technical Note Model-Driven Engineering: Automatic Code Generation and Beyond

Topics: Software Architecture, Acquisition Support

Authors: John Klein, Harry L. Levinson, Jay Marchetti

This report discusses the use of model-driven engineering tools for automatic code generation when acquiring systems built using these software development tools.

May 2014 - White Paper Distribution, Data, Deployment: Software Architecture Convergence in Big Data Systems

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: Ian Gorton, John Klein

This paper describes the challenges of big data systems for software architects, including harmonizing designs across the software, data, and deployment architectures.

November 2013 - Podcast An Approach to Managing the Software Engineering Challenges of Big Data

Topics: System of Systems

Authors: Ian Gorton, John Klein, Suzanne Miller

In this episode, Ian Gorton and John Klein discuss big data and the challenges it presents for software engineers. With help from fellow SEI researchers, the two have developed a lightweight risk reduction approach to help software engineers manage the ch

June 2013 - White Paper Common Software Platforms in System-of-Systems Architectures: The State of the Practice

Topics: Software Architecture, System of Systems

Authors: John Klein, Sholom G. Cohen, Rick Kazman

System-of-systems (SoS) architectures based on common software platforms have been commercially successful, but progress on creating and adopting them has been slow. This study aimed to understand technical issues for their development and adoption.

April 2012 - Webinar Architecting Software the SEI Way - Analyzing and Evaluating Enterprise Architectures

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: John Klein

John Klein reviews the SEI perspective on architecture-centric engineering, and discusses how this approach scales from its original software context through systems-of-systems.

November 2010 - Technical Note A Workshop on Analysis and Evaluation of Enterprise Architectures

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: John Klein, Michael J. Gagliardi

This report summarizes a workshop on the analysis and evaluation of enterprise architectures that was held at the SEI in April of 2010.

October 2009 - Presentation System of Systems Quality Attribute Specification and Architecture Evaluation

Topics: System of Systems

Authors: Michael J. Gagliardi, William G. Wood, Timothy Morrow, John Klein

This tutorial presentation describes an SoS Architecture Engagement in the context of a DoD mission-critical SoS example.

April 2009 - Technical Note A Workshop on Architecture Competence

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: Len Bass, Paul C. Clements, Rick Kazman, John Klein, Mark H. Klein, Jeannine Siviy

This report summarizes a June 2008 architecture competence workshop where practitioners discussed key issues in assessing architecture competence in organizations.

March 2009 - Technical Report U.S. Army Workshop on Exploring Enterprise, System of Systems, System, and Software Architectures

Topics: Acquisition Support, Software Architecture

Authors: John K. Bergey, Stephen Blanchette, Jr., Paul C. Clements, Michael J. Gagliardi, Rob Wojcik, William G. Wood, John Klein

This report confirms that various architectural genres enjoy more commonalities than differences. Each one has its own important knowledge base, and openness among the various architectural tasks within an organization is growing in importance.

October 2006 - Presentation Architecture and Design

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: John Klein

This page contains the slides for John Klein's guest lecture for COMP 180: Software Engineering, held at Tufts University, during the 2006 fall semester.