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CERT Insider Threat Center

  • Author(s): CERT Insider Threat Center
  • Publish Date:
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Type: Brochure
  • Topics: Insider Threat
  • Description: This brochure describes the CERT Insider Threat Center’s products and services, including best practices, assessments, workshops, and certificate programs.


The CERT Insider Threat Center conducts empirical research and analysis to develop and transition sociotechnical solutions to combat insider cyber threats. We have been doing research on this problem since 2001 in partnership with government, industry, and academia. The foundation of our work is our database of more than 800 insider threat cases. We use system dynamics modeling to characterize the nature of the insider threat problem, explore dynamic indicators of insider threat risk, and identify, experiment with, and package administrative and technical controls for insider threat mitigation. Our database also informs our best practices for mitigating insider theft of intellectual property, IT sabotage, and fraud. We can deliver our expertise directly to organizations through our Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment, Insider Threat Program Evaluation, and Customized Insider Threat Program Development Workshop. In addition, our new insider threat training and certificate programs will educate professionals on how to help organizations identify and manage their insider threat risks, how to measure their preparedness to defend against them, and how to evaluate an organization's insider threat program, or even build and operate one from scratch.