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Launch of High-Speed, High-Capacity Trading System

  • Publish Date:
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Type: Brochure
  • Description: Describes the Launch of High-Speed, High-Capacity Trading System that capped engagement with Mexican Bourse.


This information sheet describes the launching of the high-speed, high-capacity trading systems that capped the SEI's successful multi-year engagement with Mexican Bourse in 2012. Bursatec needed a new engine that could not only handle stock transactions but also incorporate trading of other financial instruments, such as options and futures. The project had aggressive goals for performance and delivery. What's more, because it serves as the face of Mexico's financial markets to the world, the new trading engine needed to function flawlessly. Building a system of this scale and importance demanded effective architecture, development, and management processes. The SEI answered the challenges presented by this project by applying a blend of its Architecture-Centric Engineering (ACE) and Team Software Process (TSP) technologies.