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A Practical Approach for Building CMMI Process Performance Models

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This webinar targets individuals who will be developing and using process performance models as part of an overall CMMI High Maturity improvement framework. As the community becomes more aware of the detailed definition and characterization of CMMI process performance models, there is a need to provide additional guidance on the process or "model" of how one properly builds a process performance model.   The authors combined their varied and in-depth modeling experiences to deliver a tutorial on this subject for the 2009 SEPG NA from which this webinar is drawn. Process performance modeling is also referred to in a handful of courses within the SEI training portfolio. Specifically, it receives some treatment in the CMMI Introduction and Intermediate courses and much more in-depth conceptual treatment in the Understanding CMMI High Maturity Practices (UCHMP) course. Lastly, basic process performance modeling techniques are taught in the Improving Process Performance using Six Sigma (IPPSS) course while advanced process performance modeling techniques are taught in the Designing Products and Processes using Six Sigma (DPPSS) course.

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Kevin Schaaff Kevin Schaaff
Robert W. Stoddard Robert W. Stoddard
Rusty Young Rusty Young
David Zubrow David Zubrow

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